* Prof. Kelly Shannon (University of Southern California,  Los Angeles)

Prof. Kelly Shannon is Director of Landscape Architecture at the University of Southern California. She has spearheaded research on the integration of urban design with water management and infrastructural engineering. With her contribution Kelly Shannon will illustrate how water is re-conquering the urbanism agenda and demonstrate its potentials for constructive shared scenarios about urban development. She will also present indigenous water urbanism cases as a major resource for the development of low-investment but highly sustainable ecological projects that respect local livelihoods and human settlement formation.

* Liliana Miranda (Cities for Life Forum, Lima)

Liliana Miranda is Executive Director of the Cities for Life Forum, which groups local government, universities, NGOs, and business associations in order to promote sustainable low-income, healthy housing in urban areas of Peru. The Forum works to improve actors’ environmental management capacity by promoting the inclusion of key environmental issues in the national public agenda (climate Change, land management, etc.). Liliana Miranda will focus on the definition of key concepts and strategies related to the promotion of ‘ecological infrastructures’ in cities and of sustainable housing construction.


* Prof. Peter Ward (University of Texas, Austin / LAHN)

Peter M. Ward is Professor of Public Affairs and Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin. Known for his seminal contributions on self-help housing, he pursues research in Latin American urbanisation, colonia-type agencies and housing policy and planning. His latest publication, Housing Policy in Latin American Cities (co-edited with Edith Jiménez Huerta and Mercedes Di Virgilio in 2014) showcases the results of the Latin American Housing Network (LAHN) and its multi-city investigation into the consolidated ‘innerburbs’ of Latin America. Peter Ward will focus on research methodologies for developing a new generation of strategies that deal with consolidation, densification and rising development pressure in the auto-constructed settlements of major Latin American cities.

* Prof. Edith Jiménez Huerta (University of Guadalajara)

Edith Jiménez Huerta teaches at the Center of Economic and Administrative Sciences at the University of Guadalajara. Her research tackles housing policies in the context of self-build and consolidated  colonias in Guadalajara.

* Prof. Miguel Robles-Durán (The New School/ Parsons, NYC – CENEDET, Quito)

Miguel Robles-Durán is an urbanist, professor and lead faculty member of the graduate program in Design and Urban Ecologies at The New School/Parsons in New York and Senior fellow at “Civic City”, a post-graduate design/research program based at the Haute École d’Art et de Design (HEAD) Geneva, Switzerland. Among his direct engagements in the field, he co-directs with David Harvey the National Strategy Center for the Right to the Territory (CENEDET) in the Republic of Ecuador, and he is in the advisory board of The Center for Place Culture and Politics, the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI) Right to Housing Program and is research advisor of The Right to the City Alliance. Robles-Durán has wide international experience in the strategic definition/coordination of trans-disciplinary urban projects, as well as in the development of tactical design strategies and civic engagement platforms that confront the contradictions of neoliberal urbanisation. His design, research and theory work has been commissioned, exhibited and published in Europe, Asia, North/South America. He co-edited/authored the book Urban Asymmetries: Studies and Projects on Neoliberal Urbanization that reviews the dire consequences that neoliberal urban policies have had upon the city and discusses possible alternatives to market-driven development.

* Henrry Patricio Allán Alegría (School of Sociology and Politics, Central University of Ecuador)

Henrry Patricio Allán Alegría is an Ecuadorian researcher, BA in Sociology at the Central University of Ecuador, Master in Political Science from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, FLACSO-Ecuador, and Ph.D. candidate in Latin American Studies from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Henrry Allán has worked as a political analyst, trainer of social organizations and is currently teaching at the School of Sociology and Politics of the Central University of Ecuador. His research interests include the State and Democracy as well as urban transformations in the city of Guayaquil. His latest publication, Derecha, economía y familia en Ecuador: los presidentes de la Cámara de Comercio de Guayaquil (CCG) en tres coyunturas de transformación, discusses the role of local elites against the central power.

* Jeremy Rayner (CENEDET, Quito)

Jeremy Rayner recieved his PhD in anthropology from the CUNY Graduate Center in 2014. His research concerns established and emergent alternative forms of property, citizenship, and democratic practice.

* more coming soon !

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